Friday, April 3, 2009

Website Update

Is everyone able to access my site through

I recently migrated my website from Blogger to Wordpress, so if you're seeing this post, you most likely need to update your feed.

You can access the website through or through

I will be deleting the Blogger site very soon, in order to avoid any confusion!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maybe I Don't Have Time to Run

But I sure do have time to eat!

Normally, I love possessing the knowledge that I am eating to run. I'm fueling my body so that I can do better on my next workout.

However, since I've only been to the gym twice at lunch during the past 1.5 weeks, and only for strength/core training, I'm not really fueling for any good, purposeful reason. Eating has been kind of just...eating to eat.

Oh, but it has been fun. When is eating not fun? I mean, unless you're on Fear Factor of course.

One main highlight is that I have happily been relatively land-animal-free for the past 3 weeks. I have also been relatively green-smootie-fabulous for the past 3 weeks. I'm finding solace in the fact that although I haven't sweat profusely in way too long, at least I'm not filling myself full of chemicals.

Here's a snippet of my most recent life in food (today's lunch):

Amy's organic cheddar cheese burrito
Birds Eye Steam Fresh cauliflower & broccoli with Amy's Organic horseradish mustard & organic tamari soy sauce

Tonight, schedule permitting, I will post pictures and a recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I know, I know.

But these are not your Mom's steamed Brussels sprouts. I promise.

In addition, last night I attempted to make almond butter. At 10:30PM. With a really loud food processor. HA! Take that, loud, piano-playing upstairs people! But, after about 15 minutes of loud food processing, I felt guilty. Because I'm a chronically guilty individual. So, I put everything in the fridge so that I can finish at another time. A more daylight-ish time. Or, when the upstairs Canadians are in Canada again.

*Note to self: start telling heinous stories about the upstairs neighbors!

So did everyone know that I moved all of my coupon info to a new website? From there, you can also access the store to purchase your very own coupon binder. I can't believe how they're's madness!

And, just in case you thought I forgot you, Amy...I didn't. Your binder is going out tomorrow. I'm losing my mind, but not enough to forget that!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Contests around Blogville

My world continues to spin entirely too fast, but that will not ever stop me from telling you about contests being held around the blogosphere!

Check them out!

Strawberry Shortstuff is giving away the most adorable shirt.

Tales of Expansion is giving away freebies from Bob's Red Mill. So exciting! I love Bob's.

Chic Runner is giving away a $100 gift certificate to **gasp!** Free shoes??!!

Product Review: Nature's Promise Peanut Butter Honey Roasted Snack Bar

I am taking a break from my crazed life as an accountant to bring you a product review! Aren't you so excited?

But first.

How long can one stare at an Excel spreadsheet without permanently fusing grid lines on the lens of their eyeball? I'm just wondering.

Oh. One more thing.

Why is it that the only thing that I want to consume while I'm feverishly accounting are Snicker's bars? I hate Snicker's bars. They make my teeth hurt. But, for some reason, that's all I want these days. I haven't given into the madness and actually consumed one (for fear of dying from sugar shock).

So now, I'm searching for a non-genetically-altered, relatively chemical-free version of a Snicker's bar.

In my spare time.

I'll let you know when I find it. Spare time as well as the healthy Snicker's bar.


Today, I'm reviewing this Nature's Promise Peanut Butter Honey Roasted Snack Bar. The name is a bit of a tongue twister. A little long for my taste, but that's ok. It's only a minor detail.

Smell: I opened the package and didn't really smell anything until I really tried to smell it. As soon as I got very close, I smelled mostly peanuts.

Texture: The bar is quite sticky due to all of the honey, which is keeping everything stuck together. I was surprised that the peanuts were still crunchy, but that was a good thing. There's nothing worse than mushy peanuts in a snack bar. Gross.

Taste: There wasn't much depth to the taste. It's basically peanuts and honey. The end. I was kind of sad. I was expecting it to taste like peanut butter (as the name would suggest), so I was disappointed. I love peanut butter, but there wasn't a trace of the stuff in this bar.

The Verdict: I didn't hate this snack bar. I just can't say that I'd ever buy it again. I just sort of felt "meh" about it. It was crunchy and a good snack to eat with some yogurt or cottage cheese, but I wasn't really impressed. I wish that it would've tasted more like peanut butter, and less like plain peanuts.

I'm still giving it my Jogger's Seal of Approval, even though it didn't live up to my expectations.

They're kind of high.

I don't blame you, Nature's Promise Peanut Butter Honey Roasted Snack Bar. Your name is just too long. That seems like a heavy burden to bear.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jumping Hurdles...

I'm trying to keep it all together over here.

In my universe, this time of year means year-end closing for 4 companies, taxes, audits, and an overabundance of sheer annoyance. I always take 2 steps forward...just so that I can take 3 more back.

I need a Valium.

My training is severely suffering this week. Sunday was my fantastic 8 miler. Tuesday my plans for running 6 miles after work were foiled because I left work late, and the dogs were completely out of dog food. Sometimes I need a personal assistant.

Last night, the plan was to make up the 6 miles that I missed. I brought some work home with me (even though I have no place to sit down and comfortably do it, since the new dining room table we ordered 4 weeks ago has still not arrived), so I was comfortable with the idea of taking an hour of my scant free time to run.

I began the run tired. I jogged tired. I gasped and hacked and coughed. Still tired.

Then my shins got tired.

Then my brain completely shut down.

The end.

I proceeded to walk home with my tired body and shins and brain. After completing only 1.85 miles. Pffftttttt!!! I went home and cried.

Then I started working, got about 20 minutes in, and decided that if I remotely changed the resolution on my work computer, it would speed up my connection at home (VPN). Yeah, don't ever try that. Make your resolution changes prior to leaving your real computer at the office. Otherwise, you will cry again, and won't get any more work done for the rest of the night.

It was basically a completely awful and unproductive evening.

I ended the evening with a pity party and a veggie fest of a dinner. I suppose that the veggies were my only positive during for the night. Thank God for veggies. I had grilled zucchini squash w/ mushrooms, mashed cauliflower with cheddar, steamed broccoli, and some of my favorite cottage cheese. My Gazelle's reaction?

"Aren't you havin' any steak?"

"Meh. Steak is for men."

And now, I am trying to put on my happy face because today is our anniversary! He has to work tonight (naturally), so we're doing lunch today to celebrate. It was a lovely surprise when I slugged into work today and found two anniversary cards (a funny and a sweet) and this cute little desk plaque thingy in my purse:


It does make me smile when I look at it. I love the simplicity of it. And the way that he left the price tag on it. It's

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


In an effort to make our life together a little more organized, I am making some changes around here. Soon, a new page layout will be unrolled, and you'll be amazed.

I'm not sure if you'll be amazed, but at the very least, you'll be entertained with the new layout. Until the novelty wares off anyway...

In addition, I have moved all of the content regarding coupon binders and tutorials to my coupon binder store website. If you're interested in all things coupon/money saving, please add to your blogroll, as I'll be posting any future posts of that nature on my new site.

I'll be focusing my posts on Jogger's Life on the things that I love the most:


It's sort of like separation of church and state. Only better.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Foodie Giveaways are Ridiculous this Week!

I'm getting dizzy with all of the giveaways! My head is spinning! It's insanity!

Most of these don't require that you have a blog to enter, so give it a shot non-bloggers! Have fun!

Missy Maintains is giving away a really cool selection of Michael's Season's goodies.

Run To The Finish is giving away a canister of goodness from My Way Cereal!

Run, Eat, Repeat is giving away a Quaker gift bag.

Julie Go Lean is giving away some of her favorite things...they just so happen to look like some of my favorite things too!

Melon Cauliflower is giving away a selection of goodies in her Survive the Slump contest.

The Hungry Yogini is giving away Barney Butter. I still have not tried this stuff, and I'm still dying to.

Healthnut Em is giving away the most adorable I <3 Oatmeal t-shirt. I must win one.

Jumbo Empanadas is giving away a Vita Mix blender. Fo reals??!! I could totally use one of those for my Green Smoothies!

Danica is giving away a selection of Annie's Treats! It's her first giveaway!