Friday, February 27, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday Friday!

I knew yesterday was Thursday, so it's not like I forgot to write my traditional Thoughtful Thursday post. I was mostly just bucking the system because I really wanted to do an actual post about my food log. So, hopefully I didn't cause anyone to have a seizure.

We'll just pretend that today is yesterday.



1) I lovingly packed my gym bag this morning with the intention that I would hit the gym at lunch for the "strength" portion of my workout today. I have to run 4.5 miles as well, but if I get the "strength" portion out of the way at lunch, then I'll have more time to hang out with My Gazelle tonight. You know, he has that crazy po po schedule, so I actually have him for the entire weekend after 3 months of the schedule from hell.

So, I packed my gym bag. Then, I conveniently walked out of the door without it. Of course.

I sent My Gazelle a text message with the sole purpose of just letting him know what a doodad I am for forgetting it. Then, I received a message back from him, letting me know that he was already on his way to my office to drop it off.

And then my heart exploded.

2) Speaking of My Gazelle. Last night, he received his yellow belt in Street Combat. He is on target to receive his black belt in 2 years, and he is so excited about that! In the short time that he has been involved with this class, I've seen an incredible change in him. He is more confident in himself, has become much more dedicated and focused, and he truly believes in himself. Not to mention, he is completely ripped. This is such a bonus. I mean, he works out, so he's always had an awesome body, but now he's stepped it up a few more notches.

Last night, during his belt ceremony, it also occurred to me that he looks totally hot when he kicks inanimate objects. Grrrrr!

3) Flip-flopping my schedule again this week. Tonight I'll do last night's 4.5 mile run, take tomorrow off, and then do my long Sunday run as planned. Hopefully I'll make it through my long Sunday run as planned.

4) Despite the fact that I am an incredibly impatient little jogger, I am (trying to) patiently wait for my Garmin to arrive as a birthday gift. You mean I have to wait until April??!! I want a Garmin so badly now that it consumes my thoughts sometimes. Like right now. Why? Well...this morning, during my standard morning "catch up on the bloggies that updated while I wasn't online" drill, I read Sweet Victory's most recent post about the fact that now you can seamlessly import your Garmin info to runningAHEAD. For reals??!! That makes me excited, impatient, and crazy. All at the same time.

5) Last night, while at the belt ceremony, the owners of the school (The Bam's) brought their 2 year old son on the floor to do his demonstration. I wanted to eat this little boy up. His name was Mosiah, and he was adorable. He clearly had the skill of a 2 year old, but I was so impressed by his ability to listen and pay attention at such a young age. He sat during the entire ceremony with very little trouble whatsoever. I decided last night that my children (as imaginary as they may be at the moment) will be involved in martial arts.

Sidebar: Little Mosiah earned a yellow belt, just like My Gazelle. It makes me want to laugh a little.

6) I think I'm coming down with a cold. I've been drinking Airborne like it's my job.

7) I had every intention of posting the next JL Coupon Tutorial tonight. Problem is that now I've lost my memory card reader, and....wait for had my memory card in it! Isn't that awesome? I was so happy to find that out last night when I grabbed my camera for the belt ceremony, but found that it had no memory card in it. I searched high and low, but cannot find the card reader, which contains the magical memory card. I am the type of person who often "loses" things, and since I'm impatient (see above), I immediately go out and buy a new version of whatever it is that I lost. Then like a week later, the original pops up, and then I have 2. So. True to form, I will buy a new memory card and reader tonight after work. Before my run.

8) The above-mentioned JL Coupon Tutorial needs to happen soon. The reason why? of tomorrow, I will officially be hoarding 3 copies of The Washington Post for the past 3 weekends. That's 9 papers. That's a whole buncha coupons. However, all of those hoarded coupons will make it much easier for me to load the binders for the 3 winners of my JL Coupon Binder Giveaway! This giveaway is still going on until March 1, by the way. Enter now if you haven't already! So far, there are only 18 entries, so the chances of winning a binder are great!

9) Someone called me the "Crazy Giveaway Lady" last week. I'm perfectly fine with that title. It's not really too far from the truth. In fact, the only way that it could really be any more true would be to add a "Jogging" after the "Crazy". "Crazy Jogging Giveaway Lady". Has a certain ring to it.

10) Yesterday, The Crazy Jogging Giveaway Lady received prop #1 in the iFitness =or= SpiBELT giveaway. I should receive prop #2 today, as it has already shipped out. I am planning to try out prop #1 this weekend, and will send the lucky winner prop #2 as soon as it is received. Don't forget that you can still enter this giveaway too! I'm The Crazy Jogging Giveaway Lady. And don't you forget it.

Ok, peace out! Hope you're having an awesome Friday!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Day in the Life

As I mentioned yesterday, I started keeping a food log again on Tuesday.

Food logs are funny things.

Sometimes they make you laugh.

Sometimes they make you cry.

But if you're me, they will always make you wonder where in the helicopter you are storing all of this godforsaken food that you are consuming. Always.

Food logs do this to me.

I can't say that I even feel guilty about it. The funny thing about me post-Jane is that I eat without any kind of guilt looming on the horizon. I eat because I want to eat, because I need to eat. Guilt is not a factor.

Oh, but marvel.

Marvel is definitely a factor.

When I copied my skinny nutritionist's food log back in the day, I only put 11 lines on the log in which to record my daily food and exercise happenings. Yesterday, I was certain that I was going to need to insert more lines. Or flip over the page and write on the back.


Alas, I had 3 lines left. Barely, and only because I wrote small in the "food" boxes.

On Tuesday, I discovered that I needed more quality protein sources (a package of peanut butter crackers don't really count as a protein serving, but I counted it anyway). Yesterday, I ate no veggies.

I repeat.

Yesterday I ate NO veggies.


How could that be?


I didn't have any on hand yesterday, so I went without. This is just not nutritionally sound. I must remedy this problem. I must eat veggies.

But I must not eat really hot peppers that are disguised as green beans. See, food logs are fun. You can write silly little notes on them, and then go back a month later and laugh at yourself.

It's a good time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Eat Ice Cream Out of the Cardboard Tub

There's no shame in my game.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling really rebellious, I also dump Magic Shell, Peanut Butter, and sprinkles right inside of the cardboard tub. Please don't call my Mom and tell her because she would probably kill me for this.

That's probably why I do it.

All I can say is...

Edy's Slow Churned "1/2 the Fat" Peanut Butter Cup ice cream goodness...

Will you please marry me?

Because it is clear that I haven't been able to put you down since last Saturday.

I think I love you.

Hover Round and Snuggies do not Thrill Me

After last nights' successful 5 mile run (6 miles total walk + run), I am anxious to get back in the gym tonight for my scheduled 3 miles. My right calf feels tight today, but nothing alarming. Definitely not like yesterday or the day before.

It wasn't the calf that was upsetting me, actually.

It was Sunday's wretched shin pain that eclipsed to a disappointing 3 mile walk that really threw me for a loop. Sunday's run turned walk in the falling snow coupled with my extreme calf tightness on Monday and yesterday was just more than I could grasp.

I tinkered with the repercussions of claiming mental insanity (will I lose my job, will I have to be medicated, will I start drooling on myself, and so on). Then, I began toying with the idea of purchasing a Hover Round and a Snuggie, and just living happily ever after (with my free book light and extra Snuggie, no less). And never running again.


I said never.

The more I considered it, I decided that I just wasn't comfortable driving a Hover Round. I'm sure that I'd crash it. My overly-vivid imagination brought me to a terrible foreshadowing moment in time. I was driving my Hover Round aimlessly through town in the dead of the night while reading "ChiRunning" (free book light ablaze), having one of those "I coulda been a runna" moments. All of a sudden, my Snuggie inexplicably became wrapped around the little wheels of my Hover Round. It was all bad.

The mere thought of this tragic scene invoked terrible childhood memories involving my BFF, a vanilla ice cream cone, a bicycle, and a large hill. Oh yeah. And gravel. Lots of gravel.

Where was I headed with this? I forgot.

Oh yeah.

So the point is that not only do I love running too much to stop, but I also don't want to crash my Hover Round.

Or something like that.

I was supposed to meet with Liz today at 12:30, but an emergency has pushed our appointment to 5:15. Then I have to pick up the pups from Wednesday doggie daycamp. Then I have to go home and change for the gym. I'm hoping that I can get to the gym by 7:15 so that I can be out by 8ish (only 3 miles on the schedule). I'm finding it really difficult on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (run days) to eat dinner prior to 10PM. It's kind of a pain in the arse actually. I need to be better prepared for quick dinners.

Yesterday I started using my food log again. I haven't used it in ages, but it helped me to take back a little more control over my own existence anyway. It's also made me realize that I'm not getting enough protein.

But all of my meat is frozen, and at 8PM I don't feel like trying to cook frozen meat!

Ideas people?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"A Kiss Seals Two Souls for a Moment in Time"

Quote by Levende Waters

I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't spend at least 1/2 of the day at my desk today worrying about tonight's impending 4.5 mile run.

And you know that I don't lie. I actually completely suck at it.

I wanted to run tonight, I was just paranoid because my calf was so completely tight.

So, I stretched during my breaks.

I read ChiRunning during my lunch.

I channeled the running gods and begged them to make my calf tightness go away.

I walked to my PT's office at 5PM (with no appointment) and proceeded to foam roll the schmeck out of myself. I foam rolled every body part that could potentially be foam rolled...and maybe some that shouldn't have been.



I also proceeded to complain and whine to my PT about how frustrated I was with my calf. I think she might have listened for the first 3.8 seconds. Then she tuned me out. But I kept complaining.

I needed to get it out of my system.

Just in case all of the above actions didn't work, I took a drastic measure upon arriving home.

I busted out my old Nikes, popped my wicked cool customer orthotics inside of the crusty old things, and re-laced them like this

Oh, hi Nikko's little doggie foot! I just love him.

Then, I rolled out to the gym. But first, I kissed them.

Not the dogs.

My Nikes.

My conclusion and deduction: If you're having a bad day, your body isn't cooperating, and you're considering drastic measures in order to just gain back control...give your runners a big wet kiss. It helps.

I had 4.5 miles on schedule for tonight. I started things off very slow. I actually walked for 10 minutes, stopping at 5 minutes to stretch. When I began running, I was going super slow. Like 12:00/mile slow. I just wanted to get a feel for what was going on. I waited for my Nike + to tell me I was at 2 miles, then I increased to 11:30/mile from mile 2-3, then up to 11:00/mile from mile 3-4. By the time I hit the 3rd mile, I was feeling good. I was singing to my playlist, and I'm sure everyone was staring at me.

But I didn't care. I was running!

I ended up running past 4.5, and finished out at 5 miles. The last .5 mile, I increased by 1mph every minute. I was crushing it. Feeling great.

I'm going to continue running in my Nikes, and shelf the Saucony's for a minute.

Or maybe I should just kiss my Saucony's.


Today, my kung fu is not strong. I'm feeling defeated, broken, torn down. My body is not cooperating, and that makes me feel out of control. It's a trigger. It makes me want to use old (unsuccessful, unhealthy) methods so that I can gain that control back.

I know it won't help. I know it's futile. I know that the fact that my leg isn't working properly has nothing to do with the fact that I have eaten ice cream for 4 days straight. It's not because I transformed a "Meals for Two" into a "Meal for One" last night.

Hey. What the hell...

I was hungry.

Did you know that this is a picture of me, taken in May 2002?

Did you also know that I was basically starving myself to death at this point in time? In November of 2001, I decided that I was going to weigh 125 pounds by my 25th birthday. I weighed about 170 at the time. I starved myself all through Christmas and New Years, and I was diligently keeping track of the 250-300 calories that I consumed each day.

I might not look like one of those 80lb bug-eyed anorexics on the Oprah show, but that's just not how I'm built. I have a naturally muscular, dense, athletic build, and the reality was that I was starving my muscles, my body, and my mind. I was emotionally void and exhausted.

I had cold sores all over my mouth most of the time. My mind was always fuzzy. I ate very little. While at work (since I couldn't usually find a way to purge), I snacked on one saltine and 1/2 slice of fat free cheese. At night when I got home, I ate one of those tiny ramekin bowls of packaged grilled chicken, frozen broccoli & fat free cheese for dinner every single night. Then barfed it up. Every. Single. Night.

This picture was taken when I weighed 145, about a month before I met my ex-husband. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted at this point, which explains my need at that time to get engaged to him 3 months later, and married a year and a day after our first date.

This is not normal.

Months later, I was binging and purging several times per day. I had starved my body for so long (again), that now I was making up for lost time. My body was holding on to every last morsel, for fear that I would starve it to death again. My cheeks were puffy from all of the fluid I was retaining, my clothes didn't fit anymore...all of the new clothes I bought when I was skinny again. I had been through this cycle so many times.

Binge, purge, starve, repeat.

It was normal.

One of my biggest challenges when I first started treatment was going to the grocery store and buying what I actually wanted to eat. There were so many "bad" foods programmed into my head that I was literally scared of food. I would go into the grocery store craving a bagel with cream cheese, then end up back in my car sobbing to my therapist over the phone (sans bagel and cream cheese).

This really happened. I really was afraid of bagels and cream cheese.

That's not normal.

I was sobbing to Jane as if the world had ended just because I had craved a bagel and cream cheese. Her answer to all of this unnecessary drama?

"It's just fu$king cream cheese!"

She stopped me dead in my tracks.

On days like today, when I feel broken, I recall Jane's words. I just insert the appropriate noun into the sentence, and it seems to be effective every single time.

My only relief today comes in the knowledge that my life is so much better now. Whether my leg works properly at the moment or not. I love, I am loved, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I ate a huge ice cream sundae last night with peanut butter, magic shell, and about a cup of rainbow sprinkles. Who cares. Sometimes people do that.

It's normal. It's just fu$king ice cream. And it was delicious.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, Hi! It's You! Welcome Back!

In honor of the 3 blog followers that I lost in the past 3 hours (yes, it's true...although I'm not sure what warranted this sudden unfollowing trend)...

I'd like to give a warm, Joggerslife welcome back to two of my old best friends.

Collar Bone,


Triceps Muscle!

Upon their recent reappearance, I questioned their months long hiatus. I learned that they have been on a temporary vacation, one in which they brought along massive quantities of food, and did very little exercise.

I'm happy to have them back, I really missed them.

I plan to fully question collar bone and triceps later on today to see if I can figure out where some of my other former companions (gluteus maximus, biceps, latissimus dorsi) have been as of late. Hopefully, together with collar bone and triceps I can convince the rest to return.

Sexy Six Pack Challenge (LATE) Update

I had every intention of publishing this post prior to the 2/20 Sexy Six Pack Challenge deadline, but the dog ate my laptop. Not really. I just didn't do it. For some reason, I'm having a difficult time lately turning my laptop on between Thursday & Sunday. There are just so many other things to do lately. In addition, I'm sure most of you know that when the computer turns on, one is instantly sucked into the centrifuge that is "the world wide web". An innocent check of the email or blog comments can turn into a 3 hour traipse around the WWW, and I have no willpower when it comes to such centrifugal things.

In any case.

I did not post in a timely fashion, but wanted to update just the same.

When I started the challenge, I planned on doing the 2009 Men's Health Belly Off program. This proved to be somewhat too complicated for my brain to wrap itself around, and I ended up here, doing a free, streaming version of 8-Minute-Abs from 1980-something. The deal was that we were to do our chosen plan 3 times per week. I stuck with that, and I also did some less intensive abs at the gym from time to time. In addition, I've been training for my 1/2 for the past 4 weeks, so my running mileage has increased, as well as having added push-ups and some additional stability and core work. These things have factored into the equation as well. I haven't, however, changed my eating habits in any significant way. If anything, I've been eating more because I have been so schmarfing hungry lately.

In one of my impromptu Thoughtful Thursday updates, I told you about my snafu with the measuring tape, so these measurements are based on my new (less forgiving) measuring tape. I did all new measurements around February 5th when I discovered the measuring tape debacle, so there is about a week of "limbo" in there. No biggie.

Waist 2/5: 33"
Waist 2/20: 31.5" (ironically, this is where I started with the old measuring tape)
Loss: 1.5"

Bust 2/5: 39.5"
Bust 2/20: 38"
Loss: 1.5"

Hips 2/5: 38"
Hips 2/20: 37"
Loss: 1"

Right Biceps 2/5: 12"
Right Biceps 2/20: 11.5"
Loss: 0.5"

Left Biceps 2/5: 11.5"
Left Biceps 2/20: 11.5"
Loss: 0"

Right Upper Thigh 2/5: 18.5"
Right Upper Thigh 2/20: 18"
Loss: 0.5"

Left Upper Thigh 2/5: 18"
Left Upper Thigh 2/20: 18"
Loss: 0"

Right Calf 2/5: 16.5"
Right Calf 2/20: 16"
Loss: 0.5"

Left Calf 2/5: 15"
Left Calf 2/20: 15"
(I was quite surprised that my right calf was a full 1.5" larger than my left calf. That was interesting since my right calf is the one that is always bothering me.)
Loss: 0"

Total Loss: 5.5"

My conclusion:

In addition to the 5.5" (all over) loss, my abs are much tighter. Did I mention much tighter? I was dealing with a serious bowl of jelly before, and now I actually feel my abs engaging when I run, as well as when I'm doing everyday things. I was basically ignoring my abs. They were completely neglected and planning a hostile takeover. I would attribute the inches lost not only to the ab work I did with the 8-minute abs video, but also to increased mileage with running.

From a core-strength perspective, I really like the 8-minute abs video. I'll continue doing this video on a regular basis. It gives me exactly what I need...a fast, concise, pin-pointed ab workout, in only 8 minutes. I'm chronically impatient, so it's perfect for me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My run-in with the bucket of Pad Thai yesterday didn't prove to help nor hinder last night's run. I ran a little over 4 miles, and my average pace was 10:28. Not as good as Tuesday's super fabulous 10:16 pace, but I'll take it. I'd love to stay consistent now in the 10:30 area. It seems much more favorable to announce "I run at a 10:30 pace" rather than "I'm so slow that moms running with baby strollers filled with 40lb children pass me".

It's kind of humiliating when things like that happen. it even OK to put your 40lb child in a stroller? That always makes me feel uncomfortable when I see it, but maybe that's just me.

Moving along...

I'm no stranger to humiliating jogging moments though. The first time that I ran in Centennial Park (where I now do my long Sunday runs), was for a 5K race. It was the same location (different race) where My Gazelle finished the Police Pace 5K like an hour before me.

This first experience with the 5K at Centennial Lake came as a result of Robert.

Hmmm...I think I'm noticing a pattern here.

Back then, Robert had organized a group of runners to wear gear for his studio, "Peak Performance Fitness", during the race. He wanted us to run the race, but he also wanted us to advertise for him by having his logo emblazoned across the front AND BACK of our shirts.

I was cool with that.

I had been training.

A little.

Not much.

But certainly enough to make it through a piddly ass little 5K.

In the dead of winter.

In Maryland.

It was the Jingle Bell Run. That means that it's ass cold outside, and a bunch of total toolbags (like me) get together and run 3.2 miles. Snot flying everywhere. Oh, and we also tie bells onto our shoelaces, so with every wretched step, there is this cute little "jingle". Isn't that adorable?

The reality was that I wasn't prepared at all.

Within the first 1/4 mile, I was pulled off on the side of the road "stretching". In other words, I wanted to turn around and run back because I was way too friggen winded and tired and defeated to go another step. Instead, I paused to collect my thoughts, wipe the snot from my upper lip, "stretch", and then tried to forge ahead.

Again and again (and again), I would start off strong, run for about 2.8 minutes, and then pull off on the side of the road again. It was pathetic.

As if the humiliation of not being able to run even a 1/4 mile without stopping wasn't enough, I was advertising "PEAK PERFORMANCE FITNESS" in huge letters...plastered across my chest as I gasped for air and hacked up a lung.

At one point, pulled over on the side of the road, someone ran by and yelled "C'MON PEAK PERFORMANCE FITNESS! WHAT KIND OF PEAK PERFORMANCE IS THAT??!!"

If I had any energy left at all, I would have turned my shirt inside out.

I finished that stupid race in 34:30. I took a lot of stretch breaks.

At this moment, my only fear is that Robert is going to expect me to wear one of his shirts for the Frederick 1/2. I think that I will humbly decline.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

My first thought when I typed "Thoughtful Thursday" was...

Holy crap! It's Thursday already?! And, that has basically been the theme for my whole week...

Holy crap! It's (insert day here) already??!!

I am completely off balance/out of alignment/non-focused this week from a mental standpoint. I mean...I'm not mental, per se. Just not all "there". I'm scatterbrained. Flaky. Blonde. Without being exactly blonde.

Sorry blondes.

That said, don't expect organization to magically occur in this post. Don't wait for it. It just won't ever arrive.

1) I wonder if the fact that I just ate an entire troth full of shrimp pad thai from Pei Wei is going to make me run fast like lightening tonight? My logical guess is a resounding "NNNNNOOOOO!", but a girl can dream. Shrimp pad thai is basically the bane of my existence. I crave the cilantro. The noodles. The peanutty spicy goodness. I'm pretty sure that if someone set another troth of shrimp pad thai in front of me right now, I'd eat that one too. All of it. With no regard for how slow it'd make me run tonight. Now that's devotion. To the pad thai, and to my running schedule.


You know what this is? This, loved ones, is a registration confirmation which clearly states, "there is no backing out now, candyass!" Oh, you don't see it there? It's definitely right there in bold font...maybe you just can't see it because it's written in a font that can only be viewed by candyasses like myself. So, consider yourself lucky that you can't read it.

This is my official registration for the Maryland Double, which means that I am really and truly going to run two 1/2 marathons this year. In the same calendar year. Within mere months of each other. I've only ran 3 5K's in my life. The pure logistics of pulling this off still sometimes boggles my mind, but I'm really doin it. The novelty will wear off. I'll stop marveling in it. Just be patient with me. I need some time. Love me anyway, ok?

3) Proof that I can actually pull this off is in the fact that I'm 3.5 weeks into training, and I feel awesome. I had to shift my run schedule because last night I got locked out of my house (long story), but I'll make it up by running tonight and tomorrow (my normal full rest day is Friday). So, Tuesday I did a 4.5 mile awesome, SUPER, fabulous run on the treadmill at 10:16 average pace. WHAT? Did I just say 10:16 aahhhvvverage pace? Yes, yes. 10:16 average pace. I was totally kicking ass. I did the P:I week 3 run again, and totally crushed it. My legs were sore from the strength crap that I did on Monday, but I ran through it and everything was fine. I'm actually kind of glad that I switched up my runs this week because I had an extra day to recover from that run on Tuesday. Tonight I'll run 4, tomorrow just 2, then Sunday is my long run of 7. This week I will actually do copping out this time like last week. Candyass.

4) I am going to get a Garmin. I said it. I'm still a jogger though. Don't be fooled by the Garmin. I'm just afraid that if I get the Polar, I'll wish that I got a Garmin down the road at some point, and then I'll have to buy a Garmin too. Then I'll have this random Polar running watch laying around the house...taking up $125 worth of space on my dresser...getting knocked on the floor when I vacuum, then taking up $125 worth of space on the floor behind the dresser. Lost. Never to be found again (because WHO ever cleans behind dressers anyway?). So, rather than buy the Polar and then doom it to a lifetime of existence behind my dresser, living in filth, I'm going to kindly request a Garmin from My Gazelle for my birthday. I love him.

5) I love him for so many reasons, but he brought me breakfast this morning at work. And, not only was it breakfast, but it was an everything bagel from Panera. And, it had sausage, egg, and cheese. I mean seriously...despite the fact that it's horrible for my arteries, and could possibly take up permanent residence on my round, perfectly-shaped (cough, cough) ass, is this NOT the sweetest gesture ever? To show my appreciation, and only to show my appreciation, I completely schmarfed the entire thing in about 2 seconds flat. I think he got the idea. I appreciated.

6) Speaking of schmarfing. I am SO schmarfing hungry lately! I can only guess that it's because of the increase in my mileage, but holy schmarfing schmarfing! In the midst of my increased state of schmarfing, I've been reading about My Other Gazelle being completely schmarfing hungry lately as well, and I know that she is also running more. It seems to be a theme around bloggville lately. I guess everyone is training more for race season, and thus schmarfing more. Hopefully I will still be able to fit into my schmarfing SkirtSports Skirt come race day!

7) Our condo is being painted. I love the idea of fresh paint. I don't, however, love the idea of being locked out of my condo because I gave the painter the key and he doesn't understand English, so he took my key home, and My Gazelle is policing and can't conveniently meet me to give me a key. Picture it: Me, my 2 poor, helpless, rescued pups, and my iPhoney, traipsing around the DC area in My Gazelle's pickup, trying to gain access to our home. We were homeless. Temporarily of course. But homeless just the same.

The only thing worse than being homeless was finally gaining entry to our home and realizing that the painter hadn't left any windows open. I opened the door to "my condo just got painted, how beeeeaaaautiful", so the reality of "oh my GAWD, my poor bird's eyes are completely glazed over" was a bit of a buzz-kill. My $900 (not-rescued, but equally-as-loved) parrot was wallowing in paint fumes for 5 hours. I half expected to visit the birdy-vet last night. It made me sad. I immediately opened every window in the house, turned on every fan, and began refreshing my memory on the techniques of birdy CPR. I couldn't recall having learned any. I almost started to dial 9-1-1, but then the freakish look in her eyes subsided, and she started talking to me again. Crisis averted. All she needed was a little fresh air. I'm glad the painting is over.

8) I know that the answer is "no", but I'm asking it anyway. Does Diet Dr. Pepper = hydration? I wish it did. Because I'd be really hydrated right now.

9) Happy Thursday! Love you!

p.s...I'll check in later with a report on how fast the pad thai made (or didn't make) me.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Polar Running Watch?

This, my friends, is a Polar 190025960 RS200 Watch. Purportedly, this little gadget keeps track of your heart rate as well as running distance and pace, allows you to set pace and heart rate goals, has alternating and repeating countdowns/alarms.

Here is the descriptive mumbo-jumbo:

"The RS200 was made for goal oriented runners who want to prepare for their first running event or who want to enhance their running experience. Use the Polar sports zones and the event countdown timer to manage your training for that key running event. You can even upload your settings to your running computer and then download your workout files to the Polar Running Coach Web Service for analysis. Wearlink fabric transmitter included."

Goal oriented runner? Check!
Enhance running experience? Check!
Manage training? Check!
Upload settings Check!
Download workouts Check!

It would seem that this here Polar running watch is the answer to my prayers, but is it all too good to be true?

Help! Does anyone have one of these?

Better yet...does anyone want to donate one of these to me? Lord knows that I've spent the gads of money that I've saved on coupons over the past 6 months on REPLACEMENT NIKE + RECEIVERS!

I kid. I kid.

No donations necessary. I'll buy the darn thing if it works. I just can't bring myself to spend $200 (or more) on a Garmin...but I really don't want to be cheapola and buy this one if it doesn't work.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Training Update

In the midst of searching for "the best wrinkle cream ever", I am pausing for a moment to post an update on my training! I realized that I haven't really said much as of late about my actual training progress, so although wrinkle cream is very important at this juncture, it can wait.

Did I mention that I'm getting wrinkles?

Yeah. This concerns me.

Moving along.

I am fully immersed in week 4 of my modified Hal Higdon plan, and things seem to be going good so far. I am tired today, but I'm not sure if it is a result of the past 3 weeks of training, or staying up until 1AM cleaning and lugging furniture around in preparation for the painters arrival tomorrow. We're getting the condo painted. It needs it. Badly.

*Week 1 of training consisted of 14 total miles, with a long run of 5 miles. That was the week I was in Tennessee, and got 2 nice outdoor runs while I was there.

*Week 2 of training consisted of 15.25 total miles, with a long run of 6.25 miles. Week 2 was my first semi-self-organized group Sunday run at Centennial Park with Robert, Carol & Amanda. This was the 6.25 beauty (my longest run to date) that Robert had to drag me up the hills on. I love that man. Week 2 was also my first time in YEARS of running 3 consecutive days, which I was very nervous about. My body cooperated though, much to my surprise.

*Week 3 of training (last week) consisted of 16.25 total miles, with my long run again at 6.25 miles. The goal for Sunday long run was 7 miles, but I was really struggling. It was much (much) colder out at a mere 35 degrees at 9:30AM, and my legs felt really heavy from the beginning. I didn't warm up sufficiently, and that was most likely my mistake. I was already walking during the first lake loop, so I knew I was going to be slow. To make matters worse, my stupid dumb Nike + receiver pooped out the night before during my 40 minutes on the elliptical. Due to that, I basically just had to rely on Robert's Garmin to keep track of my time for me.

Sidebar: Have I mentioned how much I sometimes HATE my stupid Nike + thingamabob? Yes, yes, I have. I am so tired of replacing my receiver and sensor...and then my receiver again...then my sensor. Scuse me...Junk Miles? If you're reading, can you please inform the leader of your cult that this Nike + contraption needs to be better engineered so that it will be sweat-proof? Because for realz, I'm going to go bankrupt from having to replace the stupid things every month. And the chances of me sweating less are pretty much nil. Thank you. Muah. Love you.

I have been using the P:I workouts at least twice a week, and I gotta tell ya...this is some really great stuff! Remember how scared I was about trying out the Podrunner Intervals plan? Yeah, not anymore! I just love them. Last Thursday, during my 4 mile workout with Fred Mill at my good gym (as opposed to the gym I go to at lunch on work days), I had an awesome run to the P:I Week 2 interval podcast. For the first time in my life, I experienced that strange tunnel vision feeling while I was running, and it was amazing. Anyone else experience this? I felt like I could have gone on forever, and it occurred around the 3 mile mark. I basically "sprinted" (which for me is more like saying "ran" instead of "jogged") for the entire 3rd mile because I felt so incredible, then I turned down the heat a little and ran another 1/2 mile after that.

*So, here we are. One day into week 4 of "the plan". Yesterday was "stretch and strength" day, and I did a bunch of girlie pushups, some back exercises, walking lunges, abs, bi's and tri's. I was basically just trying to get an overall strength workout, and then I did 15 minutes of good stretching at the gym, followed by 15 minutes more when I got home last night. Pre-cleaning and furniture lugging.

The problem me with right now, at this very moment, is that my right calf is tight. Not as tight as yesterday, but still tight. I have a feeling that it is from the shoes that I wore yesterday, which were flatter than flat...but I did put my nerdy insoles in them, so I shouldn't have really had any issues from them. Who could also be from Sunday's seemingly torturous run...but I felt fine on Sunday night. I just don't know. I'm going to do some foot stretches at lunch, because they always seem to help.

Have I mentioned that sometimes I feel like a science project?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly Recap 2/9/2009-2/15/09

1) My solo trip to The Smithsonian was very liberating. And androgynous.

2) This week's Thoughtful Thursday featured product review cliff-hangers, an introduction to Fred Mill, opera singers, and some sort of thick blood affliction (that I'm still trying to self-diagnose).

3) ANOTHER (??) giveaway?? Yes, it's true. Tell me about your the old sheeeet in your closet, and you could win a SPIBelt or iFitness belt!

4) Since I finally (!!) finished the vid for my coupon tutorial (Part II, section I), I'm giving away 3 coupon binders! Seriously? I'm just getting out of hand now. But I love you guys. I can't help it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Giveaway! SPIBelt =or= iFitness Belt

*************CONTEST IS CLOSED, WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN TODAY, MARCH 2, 2009!!***********

As I was walking through the halls of the Smithsonian Portrait Museum last Saturday, during the first leg of my Girl Power! trip to DC, I had a brilliant idea.


"Yes Jogger?"

"I have a brilliant idea!"

"Really...please, do tell."

"I think that I should ride the Metro into DC on the weekends and RUN!"

"WOW! That IS a brilliant idea!"

I mulled this idea around in my head for the day, and became giddy at the thought of running around the reflecting pool and the capital...with the white house in the distance. It all seemed very surreal, and the perfect backdrop for the runner in me to emerge.

Rose-colored glasses folks...

Rose-colored glasses.

As soon as I pulled my head out of the clouds, I started thinking realistically. I'll be all smelly on the Metro ride home...what will I do about that?! Where am I gonna stick my sheeeet (car key, etc...) while I'm running? I pondered. Two words immediately entered my brain, and then I wanted to gouge my brains out.


Yes, I said it. But then I immediately erased those words from my brain because I would rather pull out each one of my toenails individually than wear a fanny pack. My Mom wears a fanny pack on vacation. Nuff said.

So, with horrific fanny-pack-visions dancing in my head, I started trolling the internet for a solution. I came across some options, and then basically just gave up. It felt like too much work. It wasn't fun anymore. I was over it.

Then, coincidentally, the next day on Twitter, my girlie Beth from AvenueZ mentioned that she loved her SPIBelt. In a totally unrelated, unsolicited conversation. I wasn't even talking about my extreme hatred for fanny packs and how much I needed an alternative. It was almost as if she read my mind. It was rather freaky actually. So, I felt like it was a sign from the running Gods that I needed to buy a SPIBelt. I went on their website and checked out the goods. It seemed like exactly what I needed. And Beth loves hers, so why wouldn't I love mine?!

I proceeded to choose a black SPIBelt with a teal zipper, threw that baby in my cart, and then did the next logical thing. Opened a new tab, and typed "SPIBelt coupon" into the Google search bar. I'm just sayin. Coupons are important business in Joggerville, ya know? So, Google brought up like 5 trillion results, as it always does, but none were cut and dry coupons. a needle in a haystack, I found Molly. Molly is a fellow blogger, and she just happened to have become affiliated with SPIBelt, and was offering her blog readers a 10% off coupon, which could be obtained by emailing her. I was so excited! Then I saw the date on the blog post: September 16, 2008. Pffftttt...I figured I was SOL, and just moved on.

Then, I grew some nads and emailed Molly.

In the meantime, I also saw someone else on Twitter (@maddyhubba I think?) mention that they like the iFitness Belt. It appears as though the iFitness belt might be SPIBelt's stiffest competition. So, I rummaged around on the iFitness Belt website and also emailed them to see if they had any current promotions.

Thinking that neither person (people) would get back to me. Ever.

And, since I'm almost never right about anything, both emailed me back.

In addition, Molly from SPIBelt is awesome. We have emailed back and forth several times, and she is a total sweetheart, and has asked me to guest blog on her site. I have no idear what I'm supposed to talk about, but I suppose that is only a minor detail. To worry about at a later date.

Due to the fact that Molly is my new internet BFF (she just doesn't know yet), I am now wishing that iFitness didn't email me back with such a gracious discount. Because now, my friend, I have to buy both. Yes, I said BOTH. B.O.T.H. Because that is just how I roll, and I cannot shun a nice gesture by anyone. Not even faceless email addresses that offer me discounts on not-fanny-packs.

I knew I had to buy both.

I just didn't know what to DO with both.

So, this is where YOU come in. I will review one of these products, and YOU, lucky winner, will review the other! Pretty please, don't enter if you don't want to review, because...well...that is just part of the terms and conditions of this here giveaway! And anyway, it would just make me sad if you won something but didn't let me know how you felt about it. Remember...I'm that annoying person who gives gifts just so I can watch everyone unwrap (and love) them. Don't steal my moment of joy. Please.

It doesn't have to be a fancy review. It can be as short as a few sentences. Just so I know what your general impression of it was, and so that I can share the opinion with others. I like to share opinions. It's fun.

So, don't let the "review" requirement scare you from entering. The "review" part is easy. It's the "trying out" that might be hard!

To enter this really cool, wicked awesome contest, just comment this post and tell me about the oldest clothing item residing in your closet. Because I'm nosy.

Thoughtful Thursday

I'm glad that today is Thoughtful Thursday because there is SO much to tell you, and this post will allow me to touch on all of those things without putting you through too much painful detail.

Well, for now anyway...stay tuned for the painful detail part in the coming days.

1) I have 2 product reviews coming up (Bondi Band & Truvia), and one in the works. I am so excited.

2) The above "in the works" product review involves YOU too! YOU are going to help ME. Well, one of YOU will help ME. The reason why I need help? Well...I'll post that separately later on today. You're gonna have to stay on your toes to keep up with me today...It's going to be a busy day in Joggerville. Hope your Google reader is prepared for this mess I'm about to create!

3) Sometimes, I wonder if bacon cookies taste good. I think I'm going to try them this weekend. My Gazelle loves bacon, and he loves chocolate chip cookies. So. I'm concluding that he would LUHHHVE bacon chocolate chip cookies. That is the theory. To be continued.

4) Cupcakes are my friend. I made cupcakes on Monday, then brought them to work. Well, first I ate 8 or 10 of them...THEN I brought them to work. Now, I want to try another cupcake recipe, so I will make them this weekend and bring them to work again. Is this some sort of affliction? I've heard of those strange people who make hoards of food and then feed everyone just for the satisfaction of feeding everyone. I've only heard of them though. I don't actually know anyone like that. Nope. Not me. Never known a single one. Ever.

5) I made a pact with myself on Tuesday that I wasn't going to refer to the "treadmill" as the "dreadmill" anymore. I've decided that the word "dread" is conjuring up negative images in my head and possibly training me to think that the treadmill is really something I should dread. I mean, I really dislike running on the treadmill, but I don't want to make it any worse by programming my brain to unequivocally dread the treadmill. Thus, I decided that I needed to come up with a more friendly name for said treadmill. My first instinct was to call it the "friendmill". But, that brought to mind images of rainbows and butterflies. I'm just not a rainbow and butterfly kind of gal. So, from this point forward, the treadmill shall be referred to as "Fred Mill". "It" is now "he", and THAT makes me feel warm and squishy on the inside. Like I have another friend...minus the rainbows and butterflies. It's more like "Hey Fred, wassup? Lets go for a run!" See...I like it already!

6) Tonight, I am going to see The Vagina Monologues with My Gazelle's sister. She is a lovely singer and pianist, training at The Peabody Institute in Baltimore, which is this fancy schmancy division of John's Hopkins where very talented musicians go to study their musician stuff. The focus of her studies is in classical opera. She is approximately 4'11" tall. It amazes me that this little "girl" can sing so BIG! When she spends the night at my house, I awake to the sound of opera singing in my shower (just think about it for a's a very novel thing). When she sings, it makes me feel happy. When she sings in 5 different languages, it makes me feel shocked. And I'm not sure about The Vagina Monologues, but hey...whatever. I'm a go with the flow kind of chick, ya know?

7) It's hella windy outside today. At approximately 8:30EST, I watched a tree snap in half outside my office window. It made me excited and scared all at the same time. Excited because I've never seen a tree snap in half from the wind...well, not in person, and scared because I wasn't sure if it was coming my way. It wasn't. I'm fine. Don't worry.

8) Yesterday, prior to my little shorty-short run (I heart Wednesdays), I set up my camera. My tripod. Hauled out my coupon trapper keeper. Set aside my 3 Sunday papers from...well...Sunday. All of this work so that I could (RE) film my JL Coupon Tutorial, Part II, which I would have never had to re-film if I had properly read YouTube's terms prior to my first stint with the video camera. I was so ready. Totally prepared. Except for the fact that I am a dummy and I bought the LATE edition of the Sunday paper, which does NOT include coupons. Learn from my mistake. Buy your Sunday paper early. Lest you spend $4.50 of your hard earned money on 3 stupid papers without coupons. The good news? I improvised. I decided to split Part II into two sections. One in which I explain my binder (which I had with me), and one in which I explain the coupon-clipping process (which I didn't have with me). Today, I am going to edit/fix/edit the coupon binder vid and post 'er on YouTube. I'll be so proud of myself when its finally done! Oh. The other good news is that since I decided to split it into 2 sections, I had time to talk at the beginning of the vid, so you get to pick on me. That should be fun for you. I even blessed you with the cheesiest smile that I could muster up. I did it on purpose. Just so that you would smile too. I hope it works.

9) Today, my blood feels thick. I don't know. I can't explain it. It just does. I'm drinking massive quantities of water, hopefully that will unthicken it.

10) I love you.

The end.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Steroids? I Don't Take No Stinking Steriods!

I spent my afternoon this past Saturday here...

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One of the most beautiful places on the planet.

The Smithsonian American Art Museum (which contains the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery), is one of my favorite places to be, and it is only a short ride on the Metro from my house. I had so much fun wandering around the museum, simultaneously taking pictures with my big girl camera and my iPhoney. I quickly learned, thanks to a very kind and understanding security guard, that only permanent exhibits at the Smithsonian American Art Museum can be photographed. Oops! I said "oh, thank you", quietly tucked my big girl camera under my arm and moved along.

This is one of the first things you see presently when you enter the busiest wing of the museum...

I found it ironic, and actually chuckled at the "New Arrival" designation over the piece of art.

I continued on, moseying along just looking at all of the lovely portraits, photographs, and random artwork that is splattered along the way...

This one was pretty neat. It's a series of license plates that spell out a very important message...It took me far too long to figure out what it was as I stood there. Don't tell anyone.

This is one of my favorites, and I managed to get this picture right before I got busted. I was so afraid that I was going to get kicked out that I forgot to find out who the artist was. Darn.

I just love her face, and her cute little smirk. These are my favorite types of portraits. People, dressed in Victorian clothing, sitting there, because they had nothing better to do than spend 1/2 of their life being painted. It all seems very pompous and bougie to me. But I love it just the same.

I was enjoying my jaunt around the 1st floor, which is filled with paintings of this sort. I felt like I was wandering through a lost world. A beautiful, gold-filled Victorian era with shiny satin dresses, high lace collars, and jewelry featuring photographs of loved ones and pets. I was in heaven.

So. Imagine my surprise, when I crossed the main lobby and stumbled into this androgynous abyss.

Wow. And Wow.

Try to tell me that these chicks aren't on steroids. They look NOTHING like the Victorian beauty above.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Girl Power!

Go make a cup of tea. Pop a bag of popcorn. I'm sure I should have split this into 2 posts, but it's almost 10PM and I'm lazy. Hope you'll still love me anyway.


My Gazelle is a police officer. Recently, he switched from a job that allowed him to work the schedule of a "normal" human being: Monday-Friday, 9-5. Well, in theory he worked 9-5, but in reality, he worked 9-6 or 9-7, or sometimes 9-9. In addition, his job didn't allow him any freedom, sunshine, or lunch breaks most of the time. He was miserable.

In light of his misery, he changed jobs.

Now, he works the schedule of a "normal" police officer. Translation: he works ungodly hours on unpredictable days.

Considering that I spent the first 2 years of our life together enjoying the predictability of my honey working a very similar schedule as mine, having him home on weekends, and planning our life around that schedule, it was a bit of a shock when he changed to this newfangled police officer schedule. How was I supposed to plan around a swing schedule, with a 3PM-1AM shift? How was I supposed to count on having fun times together? How was I supposed to be home all the time by myself? Most importantly, HOW was I going to go to sleep by myself?

I was bitter for a minute or two.

I wondered how long it would be before our relationship crashed and burned.

It made me sad.


I was patient.

I was kind to the fact that he was going to need a couple of weeks to adjust.

I didn't get mad when he slept through his entire first day off a few times.

I didn't smack the SH#T out of him when he announced to me during the first week that since I dirtied the pots and pans (that were dirtied by making him dinner), it should be my responsibility to clean them.

No no, I just stared at him, shocked, and realized that it must be the schedule change that was making him stupid. Then I laughed at him the next day, when his guilt led him to take me out to dinner and grovel a little. It was quite funny. Thank you for the dinner, crazy schedule change.

It has now been approximately a month since the new schedule, and guess what?


So what if we have to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 13th. At least we don't have to worry about the Valentine's Day dinner rush.

So what if he's working on our anniversary. We'll celebrate it on another day. It'll be just as special.

See, I've realized that all of these details just don't matter. In the past month, I have done more things for myself and by myself than I've done in my entire life.

Yesterday, I traveled 45 minutes on the Metro into DC, and spent 2 hours in the Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which is one of my favorite places on earth. In the past, I have always gone with other people. This is fun, of course, but I am fascinated by art pieces which feature people, so the Portrait Gallery is like a little piece of Heaven to me. Yesterday, for the first time, I had the opportunity to look at exactly what I wanted to look at, for as long as I wanted to look, and if I wanted to go back and look again, I did. There was no pressure to hurry, and the fact that I didn't have to worry about what someone else wanted was refreshing.

After I spent 2 hours wandering through the Portrait Gallery, I wandered for another 2 hours through Chinatown, and did a little shopping. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it is very big.

Very. Very. BIG.

It was a very empowering and kind thing to do for myself. I plan to do things of this sort much more often.

It was a ME weekend...


Throughout the week, I was bugging Robert, (who is the one that convinced me to do the 1/2 marathon in May rather than waiting until October) to help me organize group runs on Sundays in preparation for the 1/2. We worked out the details, and planned for everyone to meet this morning at 9:30 to run 6 miles at a local park. I was excited, but nervous about running with other people. However, Robert is one of my best friends ever, and I met him because he was my personal trainer when I first started running. He has already seen me in various forms of hacking, coughing, and snotting on myself. Not to mention, I felt like I needed his direction because he knows what he's talking about. I basically think that he is awesome, and I love him.

It turned out that it was just me, Robert, Carol & one point (ahem...pre-gazelle), the 4 of us hung out often, so it a was very comfortable group. We decided to do 6 miles, which was 2 loops around the lake. The 3 mile loop includes a lot of hills. Especially between the 2nd and 3rd mile in the loop. It is miserable. By the time you finish one hill, you really only have 10 seconds to recover before you hit the next one. Repeat. Repeat again.

Before we began, Robert studied my gait. He was VERY impressed by how much it has improved since the last time I called him in desperation over my knee pain. He actually said that he was very surprised that it was "10 times better". That made me so happy.

The first loop, Robert ran around the lake with me. He wanted to help me pick up my pace, so we stayed in step the whole time...he slowed down with me when necessary. We were running at about 10:30 pace according to my Nike +, and then when we hit the hills at the end, we slowed down quite a bit.

The reason why everyone should have a great running coach/personal trainer: When I was ready to fall on the side of the path and die, Robert grabbed my arm and basically dragged me up that series of hills. No really. He dragged me up the hills. Held my hand and wouldn't let it go until the hill was over. It felt so corny, and I was hoping that nobody passed us at that point, but I was thankful. He encouraged me the entire way up those damn hills. Told me to run on my toes (yeah, never knew that). Told me I was doing awesome. Told me we were almost there. I definitely would have given up if he wasn't there.

Did I mention that I love Robert?

I did make it through the first loop, averaging about 10:45/mile, which is really awesome for me, especially given the terrain. I ran the second loop on my own, and really kept a nice pace. I walked very little, to my surprise, and finished the run with 6.25 miles, average pace of 11:10. I came home and couldn't really believe what I had just done.

I just ran 6.25 miles. My longest run ever. And I did it with an 11:10 average pace.

For this, I'm awarding myself another Wonder Woman Moment. Just go with it.


Next week, we run 7 miles on Sunday. We have a standing 9:30AM long Sunday run date. If it rains or whathaveyou, we'll meet at Robert's studio and run there inside. I'm excited about the idea of having peeps to run with. This is kind of funny considering that just a short time ago, I had a chronic case of runningpartnerophobia.

It's all about the girl power. And there's no room for runningpartnerophobia when you have girl power.

Friday, February 6, 2009

APB Out for Missing Bondi-Band Winners

#8 Carolyn G
#11 kch

You won! Where are you? I don't have your address! I can't send your really cool prize!

Email your address to!

Please respond by Saturday, February 6 at midnight, or I'll have to give your prize away to someone else! I can't bear to have these lying around for very long, or I might just use them myself...I do have a 5 miler on Sunday!

Those Sweet Words...



Every time I say those words, I feel like I just finished the end of a prayer, and I need to seal the deal with an "amen".

No, no. Not just an "amen".

Definitely an "amen sista".

I know that the words "rest day" might not seem as significant to you, because maybe you're one of those 'runner types'. Maybe you were born to run. Ran before you crawled. You ran a sub-3:50 marathon at the age of 10. Me? Not so much.

Running is a constant battle for me. My body does not want to run, nor is it built to do anything of the sort. I'm built more like a bodybuilder or a field hockey player...maybe a softball player. But definitely not a runner. My legs are short, my chest is ginormous, and I am insanely inflexible. Every time I strap on my runners, I am essentially laughing in the face of my genetic makeup and saying,

"Ha! Take that genes! Just try to tell me that I'm not a runner!"

Tuesday, I jogged.

Wednesday, I jogged with a little walking.

Yesterday, I nearly crawled.

I have to give myself a little credit though, because on Tuesday, I did tell you that I knew it would be hard, but I didn't want to be a wussy and just adopt the idea in advance that I couldn't run 3 days in a row. I have clearly proven to myself that I can run 3 days in a row again, and I can run 3 days in a row without sustaining an injury or dealing with pain in my leg/knee/calf. It feels good to know that a year of physical therapy plus the slow base building I've been doing has paid off. Patience has allowed me to train for a 1/2 marathon.

Today is just one of those introspective days. I'm replaying in my head all of the events that have occurred during the past 5 years of my life, and I feel so thankful that I've persevered.

And continue to persevere.

Amen sista.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bondi Band Giveaway...Did You Win??

I have been sporting my Bondi Band(s) at the gym for a few workouts, and I love them! They keep my short hair out of my face, and I can either use them by themselves to keep my hair away, or I have also clipped up 1/2 of my hair and left 1/2 down. This creates a sort of "Samurai" effect that My Gazelle loves to pick on me about. I ignore him. He's just jealous because I didn't give him a Bondi-Band.

I was happy to see a few more entries than there were in my SkirtSports contest, and hopefully next week's contest will have even more!

Here are the entries:

And, the winners are:

#8: Carolyn G
#4: Kelly Ringle
#13: Sherri Moore
#11: kch


Winners, please email your mailing address to me at so that I can send out your prize! I will randomly select which Bondi Band to send to each person...but they're all cute, so don't worry.

Congratulations, and stay tuned for the next giveaway! I'm not sure what it'll be yet, but it's going to be fabulous as always.

Thoughtful Thursday

The day you've waited for all week is finally here! A chance to dive into my randomness yet again. Proceed with caution.

1) Yesterday I ordered $50 worth of Keurig K-Cups for our coffee maker at work. On the company's dime, of course. Have I mentioned the fact that I love single-serve coffee? I am pleased to be the primary coffee-orderer at work. This duty was, of course, self-appointed, because I felt like it was the only way that I was going to be able to have things called "Jet Fuel", and "Sumatran Extra Dark" in a land of "Oolong" and "Green Chai Tea" drinkers. Call me high maintenance if you will, but Oolong just doesn't do it for me at 8AM. More Jet Fuel please.

2) Today will be the first time that I have run 3 days in a row in approximately 4 years. I'm scared and excited all at the same time. It makes me want to run around and talk to everyone about my training plan. In fact, I DO try to talk to everyone about my training plan, but the sad truth is that nobody gives a rats ass about my training plan. Only you. That's why I need you. My life is void of fellow runners, and I need you in my life. Don't quit on me. My Gazelle cares, but it's just not the same. We share workout stories, but the man is a freak of nature with his 24:21 5K time, sans training. Sometimes, when he tells me that he just decided to "jump on the treadmill for a few minutes", and that he "ran 2 miles in 16 minutes", it makes me want to kick him in his scrawny calf and run away. But I know he'd catch and tackle me...he's clearly way faster than I am.

3) Although I technically started the Hal Higdon 1/2 training plan last week, I did not follow the schedule exactly due to travel and time conflicts. One of my runs last week was also fragmented due to time constraints, so I split it into 2 separate runs on the same day. I kind of feel like that's cheating. I didn't like that feeling that I had cheated on the plan last week. There's only 87 more training days until the race (Gasp)! This week is my first "real" week of training, because unlike last week, I have been following the plan exactly as outlined. I am not one to whine and complain, but whoa mama are my legs tired today. Not sore, just definitely tired. I am holding out for tonight's run though, and I'll see what gives after I've run the 3.5 miles required. I'm relieved that I've had no knee/leg/calf issues. I'm sort of marveling in the fact that the more I run, the better my leg feels. I was under the impression that this was supposed to happen the other way around.

4) I'm still going strong with the Sexy Six Pack Challenge, and the fact that I switched from the Men's Health Belly Off Plan to the 1984 8-minute Abs Plan still makes me chuckle from time to time. I'm telling you, that sheet is really difficult still though. I still have to stop at times to give my abs a break, and sometimes I go way slower than they do because my flabby flabs just can't keep up with the leotard-feathered hair professionals. So, I mentioned in my previous update that my waist at start was 31.5". Well, I had this old, crusty tape measure that I threw out upon measuring for the first time, with the intention of buying a new one. I bought a new one last weekend while in Tennessee. I measured my waist last night. My waist measured 33". So, there are about 2 weeks left of the challenge, and my waist has grown 1.5". I think this is hilarious because I know that one of the tape measures is obviously wrong, proven by the fact that last night My Gazelle announced (as I pranced through the living room scantily clad), "you just keep getting skinnier and skinnier". I would say that "skinny" is quite a stretch, but you get the gist. I would venture to say that I haven't lost any weight at all (but can't confirm that since I don't own a scale), but my clothes are feeling different...namely my bras and underwear are looser in all the right places. Hey...just keeping it real. More importantly, I know the 8-minute abs exercises are helping because my core is WAYYY stronger than before.

5) I'm still searching for a the right vacation. I was informed last night by My Gazelle that we can't take a vacation until the summer. This made me sad.

7) I am feeling pretty focused this week...but, I am fairly one-track-minded. I haven't got any work done, but I know more than I ever thought I would about plural marriage.

6) Speaking of plural evidenced by this post yesterday, I am preoccupied this week with FLDS, the Jessop family, plural marriage, and Carolyn Jessup's book "Escape". I have really spent too much time this week reading about this strange practice. There are so many current things going on with this topic that it has me completely sucked in. Damn Google. Damn you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wii Fit Activity & Progress Tracker Spreadsheet

It has come to my attention recently, through Google Analytics, that people are happening across my blog through many different types of keywords. Here are three of my favorites, in no particular order:

1) (HA! Ain't THAT the truth!)

2) (which is a completely reasonable way to search for me by name)...

3) My own personal favorite: Wooo! How I love to be queried (and found) by searching for "sexy". That is so fun.

In any case, I also noticed that a startling number of people are finding me by plugging in different versions of this phrase:

This led me to do an impromptu search on Google, and I was quite startled to find that there is no source for a Wii Fit Spreadsheet. Or if there is, it is somewhere beyond the realm of my querying abilities and I didn't find it. Thus, I would imagine that most of the rest of the thinking universe also can't find it.

And so, for you, Wii Fit Peeps who are floundering around with no Wii Fit spreadsheet in which to store all of your Wii Fit activities and progress, I give you this beautiful spreadsheet, which I lovingly created with my own two hands, a Macintosh, and my brain. And love.

Because, WiiFit Spreadsheet Needers, I feel your plight.

Also. To all of my non-WiiFit peeps, you can very easily use this spreadsheet to track your daily activity on a strictly non-WiiFit level. For those of you who track your weight, measurements, and BMI, this is perfect for you. Just make sure to read the "Notes" tab prior to using the sheet, it might not work right. It's very simple, but it is quite a handy-dandy little spreadsheet.

But I realize that I'm biased. Because I made it.

But I hope you like it anyway!

Hal Higdon Plan

Last week, I embarked on my official 1/2 marathon training plan. I decided to use Hal Higdon's 1/2 marathon novice plan, and skip the first 2 weeks of the plan since I already have a good 4 mile base. I started last week on week 3, and roared through the week like a champ. I had my longest run ever (5 miles) on Sunday while in Tennessee, and it was a greatly fantastic feeling. The last mile was an ass kicker, but I finished in about 54 minutes.

I plan to stick with the Hal Higdon plan until race day on May 3, and I'll also add a little P:I action in there to stay motivated and give myself a little variety. There's no rules against using P:I on the Hal Higdon plan, right?


This is my world, and I'm the boss.

When I perused the Hal Higdon plan many months ago (when Sista first recommended it to me), my only concern was that it's asking me to run 3 days in a row (Tuesday run, Wednesday run or cross, Thursday run), and I was a little nervous about stressing the old knee/leg/calf 3 days in a row. That said, I'm just going to totally ignore my instinct for the time being and see how this week goes.

Because that's how I roll.

I'm not tryin' to be no sissy pants here, people. I have to at least try the old knee out and see how she does. If my knee/leg/calf is revolting by Thursday, I'll regroup.

That said, in the instance that I need to rearrange some of the Hal Higdon plan in order to cooperate more with the Questionable Knee/Leg/Calf plan, I need to be able to make changes. The printable plan is only offered through the Hal Higdon website in pdf format. They've got the file on lock-down, and I don't possess magical powers to transform it. I tried, trust me.

What to do...what to do.

Create an Excel spreadsheet, of course!

So, if you want to use Hal's 1/2 marathon novice plan, but you want to switch it up a little, make some changes, notes to self, etc., you can get my Excel version HIZZLE. It's wicked awesome. Not really, but I just wanted to say wicked awesome.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bondi Band is Awesome...Make No Mistake.

I ordered 2 super cool Bondi Bands for myself last week, and decided to order 2 extras so that I can give them away to you, my loyal readers. It was fun to say that. Even if there are only 20 of you. I still love you, and you are loyal. And loved.

On my Bondi Band order, I added this completely passive, non-expectant, strictly informational note in the 'comments' field...

"I'll be giving away 2 of these Bondi Bands on my blog! Check it out..."

I mean, so basically, I just wanted them to check out the contest and read my blog. I like when cool new people check out my blog. Remember the time when DJ Steve dropped by? So, that was like the highlight of my year by the way...and I just wanted to remind you that he stopped by. It made me feel cool. That doesn't happen very often.

So, I wanted some Bondi Band peeps to come on over to JoggersLife. That's all. Really. I promise. But, have I ever mentioned to you how much I love free sheeet? Well I really love free sheeet even more now because the lovely, wonderful, beautiful, totally wicked awesome people at Bondi Band just sent me 2 more Bondi Bands....FER FUHREEEEE!!!! Yippie! Hooray!

As I have already stated, I am a sharing, caring kind of gal. So, I shall give away FOUR (4) rather than TWO (2) Bondi Bands. Because I love you. So, if you haven't entered yet, I won't judge you. Just do it. HERE. NOW.

Delicious Babyness

I can think of few things that are more delicious than a warm, cuddly, sleeping baby. I spent a lot of time this past weekend just watching little Aden James sleep. He is pure joy all the time, but there is just something about a sleeping baby that is extra snuggle-worthy.

Don't you just want to make a beeline for the sofa and curl up with his little butt and just squish him? Sniff his little head for about a year until he's walking and he won't let you snuggle him anymore?

Don't you want to feel the soft yummyness of his little tiny baby fingers? Stretch out his fingers as he sleeps and compare them to the smallness of yours?

And then marvel in the fact that his thumb is so stinking, cutely long (his Mommy and I are blaming it on his Daddy's genes)...

Is this just me?

Is anyone with me on this?

Aden is super cute when he's sleeping, but when he's awake, he's almost unbearably adorable. I would imagine that his face hurts after a long day of constant smiling!

And more smiling!

And this...the most adorable pose yet. Are you ready?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

I'm pretty sure he's saying "doh".

Oh My Aching Neck...and Arm!

In honor of the fact that I started my day today at 3:45AM, followed shortly after by a 2 hour plane ride curled up roughly into the shape of a pretzel, winter jacket propped on the chilly plane window, head resting sideways on my bent arm...

I bring you a video by Danny Dreyer, author of ChiRunning, a book that I am presently eating alive.

In this video, Danny gives us a crash course in posture, which is very important in running to avoid injury and increase oxygen intake, as well as in everyday life.


Stay tuned for a post later today about the new love of my life, complete with delish pictures! It's sure to create a baby envy epidemic across the universe!