Friday, January 9, 2009


I had a dream last night that I was running with someone else.

I know this was a dream was a dream.

However, had I not been completely, entirely sure that this occurred during the REM phase, I would've still know that it did not happen while I was awake, coherent, and had my wits about me. Because I don't run with people. If I'm running on a treadmill at the gym and someone steps on the treadmill next to me, I cringe. I start to panic. My breathing gets all sillyfied. I lose all focus. I have to talk myself into staying ON the treadmill.

At some point in my life, I came under the impression that when good runners run, they don't struggle. They don't sweat. They don't make grunting noises as their lungs beg for air. They just calmly, quietly, beautifully run their 20 mile run.

Those are the people who can run next to each other on the treadmill. Those quiet, beautiful, calm runner types.

That is so not me. I am a hot mess when I run. That time when My Gazelle so lovingly offered to run a race beside me was pure horror to me. The thought of struggling, grunting, and snotting all over myself with him beautifully running right next to me was too much for my weak psyche to process. Thank Baby Jesus that he changed his mind in the first 1/4 mile, because I was really considering faking an injury. We've only been together for 2 years, and I didn't think that any 2 year young relationship should have to cope with turmoil of the grunting, snotting sort.

All of that said, much like my irrational fear of Running Clubs ("Runningclubophobia?"), I suffer a similar fear of Running Partners ("Runningpartnerophobia?"). I immediately fall to the floor and begin to convulse at the mere thought of adopting a running partner. So many scary things to consider. Mostly the fact that I don't think anyone on the face of the universe runs as slow as I do or struggles as much as I do to just get in a measly 3 miles.

And then, I started this blog. And then, I started reading other people's blogs. And then, I started reading about people who run with other people, and it seemed enjoyable. Pleasing even. Fulfilling.

And then, My Sista (who might have only dropped her phone in the toilet once, but does have a habit of soggifying her phone in other creative ways) gave me the January issue of Runners World. And then, I read this article. And then, I felt all warm and squishy on the inside. And then, I fell asleep and had a dream about running with another human (rather than my standard canine) next to me.

I'm actually considering hunting down one of these "Running Partner" things now. I feel all girl power after reading the article about Sara and Claire.

Have any of you successfully made the transition from snorting, grunting, hot mess, solo running to beautiful, graceful, chit-chatty, partner running? If so, do speak up. Even if you're just lurking. Be anonymous...make a secret, anonymous comment. I promise I won't make you come back here...I just need help wrapping my brain around this concept that I'm toying with.


  1. Besides my Boomer boy, I have a real-life-human-female running partner named Christy. It's the best thing (again, besides my boy). ;)

  2. Well, I have a running partner - and have run with a few people over the last couple of years.

    My current running partner & I talk most of the way, but there is still a lot of snot & panting. It's just a matter of finding someone you're comfortable with - and knowing that they're likely in the same state (last weekend, on our run, my running partner actually described the color of her phlegm to me...which was a bit much).

    I love running with one other person - much more than that & it gets a bit much. I also (occasionally) love running with people a bit faster than me - makes me pick up the pace!

  3. just wanted to let you know that yesterday's post generated a LOT of hits on my site. EVERYONE's interested.

    Again - thank you!

  4. You are so funny first of all. My daughter and I love your blog, this is our first visit. I seem to always have a running partner. They dont want to run anymore because the distance. They get enough maybe because they have reached their weight goal. For whatever reason seems when one partner goes another comes. All have been very pleasant to me (cant really say what I've been to them.)
    My running partner I have now started running a little over year ago. She never had any history of running, but she ran (scootted) like she had some history of running. It wasnt her breathing, or the sound of her feet hitting the pavement. But it was her form. She looked like a natural runner. I thought to my self if learns the basic forms for making this easier, she can easily past me on a run. Two months into her new venture she entered her first 5k. That was one year and 30 pounds ago. This past December she completed her first half marathon. She thinks that Im a trainer and a motivator. She doesnt know she has been the one motivating to stay so consistant. Now on our shorter runs during the week, she keeps up with me for 3 out of 4 miles.

    Thanks for sharing. Come visit my blog sometimes.

  5. I love you guys.

    I actually put an ad on Craigslist for a running partner. First I checked to see if there was anyone who wanted a running partner, but there was only a boy in the area who was looking. I would rather run with a girl.

    So we'll see what happens with this latest idea. I have a lot of those. Sporadically. Impulsively.

  6. I have a hard time running with other people. I love it, but I feel silly when I try to talk and I'm out of breath, LOL!

  7. When I first started running 4 years ago I stumbled upon this AMAZING group of women that took me in, held me up and kept me going. It lasted for about a year. It was like therapy and personal training all wrapped up in one. They were so wonderful that the 5am meet up time didn't hurt so much. Sigh. I miss them. One moved, one just stopped, one started working and I was injured for a while.

    Since then I have found that I only want a partner once in a while. Mostly I like running with me, myself and I. Getting my Nano and Nike+ was instrumental in that. I love the motivation of music and it's just rude to listen to music when you are with a partner, right?

    I do have a friend who makes fun of my breathing. I hate that. We don't run together much. Mostly the partners that I call up are great stand-bys and don't mind my slowness or the talking that I need to do to replace the Nano :-)

    Good use of stand-by: I wasn't sure if I was in labor or not so I called up stand-by to see if she would take me for a jog. She walked/jogged me for 5+ miles and I had the baby 2 hrs later. Hehehe.

  8. I used to feel the way you do. I am such a s.l.o.w. runner, or I used to think I was. I started running with Team in Training, a huge running group from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And most of the people left me in the dust. But some were at my end of the line, and soon I started finding comfort in running with people. Now that I'm not on a team, I miss it.

    That being said, my boyfriend tried to run with me during a couple of recent races. I was close to the end of each, red-faced, sweating like a pig, totally trying to focus. In the first one (a half marathon), I looked at him and said, "Get away from me. Now." This is the famous "bite me" stage. I wasn't sorry.

    The second time, we were running a 5k together (our first race -- he's a cyclist, not a runner). He smoked my a** to the finish line, peed, got a water, and THEN came to find me on the last 400 meters. He wanted to hold my hand as we crossed the finish line. Another "bite me" moment.

    The moral? I love running with people in practice runs, but don't mess with me on race day. No matter how much I love you, you'll get the same response.


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