Friday, January 16, 2009

SkirtSports Giveaway: Enter NOW!

Alright kids.

If you've stuck by my craziness for the past few months (or gone back to read my earlier posts because you love me that much), you will know that I love SkirtSports.

When it comes to workout clothes, here are my priorities:

1) Comfort
2) Cuteness
2) Functionality
3) Durability
4) Cuteness
5) Did I mention cuteness?

I confess. I like cute workout clothes.

And. And...and I like it when my workout clothes match my running shoes.

Was that out loud?

Moving along.

I'm not sure how I even found out about SkirtSports, but it was a few years ago. I was mildly hesitant at first about what others would think of my running in a skirt. I didn't care enough to let it impede my purchase though. Let's face it. Cute is cute.

I recall buying my first black GymGirl. Actually, I bought one for me, and one for My Sista. When I told My Sista what I had done, she chuckled and said "you don't run in a skirt! She then told me that I was "such a girl", and blew me off. Months later, she very nonchalantly told me that she had tried (and was quite pleased with) her GymGirl.

She hasn't looked back, and neither have I. We love the things.

So, I don't really care if you run in skirts right now. I also don't care if it's freezing arse cold where you live, because SkirtSports has found a solution for that. And, I'm giving away a $25 gift certificate from SkirtSports RIGHT NOW.

You have no choice but to love SkirtSports at this point.

All you have to do to enter the contest is tell me your funniest running story.

Did you pee on yourself during a race? Did you trip and fall over Jacques who was running in front of you? Did you get smoked by a blonde 11 year old in pigtails at your last 5K (or does that only happen to me)?

I'll stop allowing entries whenever I feel like it. It all depends on how many of you lurkers enter the contest. I know you're there. Google Analytics tells me you are. Stop pretending. As soon as I have a descent number of entrants (I'm hoping for 50), I'll be drawing one winner using the nifty online random number generator.

Good luck!


  1. A few years ago I talked a few people at my office to run the annual Corporate 5K in Orlando. They tout the event as "Run the City" What they don't tout is that the part of the city you run through is the high crime, less than savory area of town.

    We had a co-ed team of two women and two men. As we made our way to starting line, the other woman told me that she wasn't feeling well. Her stomache was hurting. I told her it was probably nerves because the race and once she started running it would go away. She then told me she rarely throws up and it had been years. I assured her she would be fine.

    The race started and our group parted ways. The boys were really fast and I was just a litte faster than the other woman.

    After the race she met back up with us and said, you're never going to believe what happened. just past the two mile point, there were some young gentlemen spectating on the side of the road. My friend was still not feeling well and she had slowed a little.

    The spectators shouted out to her "Hustle Up Baby!"

    She came to a stop in front of them and threw up.

    They were shocked and said "Damn, Shorty!"

    She felt much better, picked up the pace and finished in about 31 minutes!

    My favorite race story ever!

  2. I guess if you are brave enough to enter the ab challenge I can share my funny story...

    Early morning run...dark...I'm running along jamming to my music...I trip over a SPEED BUMP right in front of a huge bus stop of people. I honestly started laughing because how fast are you, when you trip over a speedbump!

  3. I was just starting my quest to be more than a "2 mile every weekend" runner - and running with a co-worker on our lunch break (ahh - that was the best part of that job). We were doing a quick warm-up walk through a parking lot before getting to the trail to start running. She hopped over a parking stopper thingie (not sure what they're called), so I did, too. Except I didn't so much hop as trip, twist my ankle, eat asphalt & skin my knees. In the parking lot. In front of not only my friend, but every person who'd chosen to come to the Zoo that day.

    I told my friend I was done - so she went ahead & I walked it out. And then, I ran anyway. And that's pretty much the real beginning of my love affair with running.

  4. I always wear pigtails when I run (and I'm not 11). I pass nobody, ever! And, my bra and panties ALWAYS match my running clothes. ;)

  5. One of my funniest moments was blowing my a nine year old girlscout at a race at our zoo in town (to try to make a mile in about 11minutes - it was last year and I'm still slow). I am so mean. My husband had raced with me and I was surprised to see him already at the finish line waiting for me. I thought it was pretty funny that he was laughing at me passing this girl in the last few 100yards. He said "I ran past that whole troup. Slackers".

  6. I was training for my 1st marathon and running 20 miles for the first time in my life. It was my worst run ever. Hot. Slow. Alone. Hot. An old, *lame* man limped slowly past me. He was really old. I started singing the longest songs I knew trying to get through each mile: American Pie, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.... One mile at a time.

    Our team was having a big picnic at the end of this run. The parking lot was some distance away. I was stumbling past my car and thought, "Like hell am I going to jog all the way back here for the cupcakes." I stopped by the car to grab the big box of cupcakes I brought to the picnic.

    So I'm stumbling. Sweating. Dehydrated. Barely putting one foot in front of the next. And I'm carrying this giant box of cupcakes.

    "Look at that lady jogging with the big box," a friend said. "Oh my God. That's Beth!"

    My mentor ran out to take the box. As they iced down my knees and rushed water to me, the cupcakes disappeared. The picnic was almost over because I was almost the last to come in. Thank goodness I didn't bring appetizers!

  7. When I was running with my little 5am group we had one morning where it was only 2 of us. The blondes of course.

    While we were running, in the dark, cold morning, mind you, dark, ok? We saw a small, beat up truck drive by us to the end of the cul-de-sac, turn around and buzz by us again. Hm. We kept running and watched him do it a couple more times. But then our route took us into another neighborhood. A couple miles later here comes this damn truck again. We decide he is either stalking us or he is stalking the neighborhood to later rob everyone. At one point I run after him to try and get his license plate #. I drop my friend off at her house and she says, I'll call the police and let you know what they say. I say, Ya and I'll call too so they know we aren't crackpots.

    He was the newspaper delivery guy. Can you say paranoid?

  8. I'm a newbie to running. Which means... I'm slow. Which is ok - I always finish. Next to last or last..but again I finish.

    For the 2008 "running season" I decided to run a road/trail 5K. While running, 2 elderly women were in front of me - & when I say elderly, I mean like 80's. So you can guess the how I felt as they were pretty much leaving me in the dust the whole race. Occasionally I'd catch up, but mainly I was on my own.

    You can imagine my surprise near the last 1/2 mile I noticed one of them BEHIND me. Confusion set in because I do not remember passing her...did I black out? was I "in the zone"? Who know - I didn't care, I wasn't last!! Well - after the race she came up to me to explain the mystery.

    She told me that while running she had a moment of GI distress. So she had to pull off into the woods due to the diarrhea. (how do you respond to this!?) She then went on to explain that she didn't have tissues so she had to use her headband. My mental image of this situation soon overshadow what "euphoria" I had in not coming in last. I guess you could say her "runs" kept me from running in last!!

  9. I have 2 that I'll share here.. one is funny to me, the other is funny to everyone who see's me in it.

    I run ultra's and during my first 100 miler, after being out there all day, roughly 14 hours in I started having hallucinations. a few things that I saw during the night were snakes all over the place... on the trail (there were none) beside me, on post, other peoples back, etc. also saw thousands of mice , like the trail turned into a living moving thing made up of millions of mice. there were some I am sure, just not what I was seeing!!
    As the run turned into day, by about 25-26 hour in I saw things like what appeared to be ghost on the trail walking in front of me. one looked like a girl in a white dress and she was skipping. no matter how hard I tried I could never catch up with her. I saw 50 foot tall multi colored beach balls on the trail bouncing towards me... saw a car swerve off the road and onto the trail coming towards me only to have it vaporize as it got near me.
    It was fun because I KNEW it wasnt real so I turned it into my own personal version of Pink Floyds the wall. I had a TV coming along with me to keep me entertained and make the miles go by faster. I still get a huge laugh out of some of the things I saw on that run. BTW - I finished in 28 hours and 12 minutes.

    The other thing thats funny for everyone is I run marathons dressed as the 'Running Parrot' . heres a pic
    It started as a dare to run in the hat. never wanting to turn down a good dare, I said sure. then came the peacock tights, then hawaiian shirt, then the lei... well... the running parrot was born. everyone who see's me smiles. its funny as heck to see me run in this, but that (to me) is why I run. to have fun. And the spectators at marathons.. poor things.. sit by the side of the road and scream for friends and such but dont get a lot of entertainment. well... I give them a bit of entertainment while they are out there. If you cant laugh at yourself then you have no business laughing at others.. and by golly I laugh at myself.

    if I win, I promise you, I'll wear the skirt in a marathon. dont believe me? just dare me to do it.

  10. Not really funny, more of a cautionary tale of why to wear shoes when you are on a treadmill. I was on my mother in law's ancient treadmill. Stepped off the back and no, I didn't fly into the wall. I split my heel open and ended up in the ER. They used butterfly bandages because, well I was also 7 months pregnant at the time and was unwilling to do stitches without pain meds. Good times, good times.

    My other feeble attempt at jogging resulted in my laces coming undone on a very public road and whilst they were dancing with themselves I danced my way into a ditch. I hobbled home and dug gravel out of my knees for an hour.

  11. I love reading everyone's stories! Hilarious!! The second time I tried to take up running I went with my friend who is speedy and fantastic. I tried keeping up with her, which didn't work. And I threw up all over the track. Running didn't stick that time.

  12. It was my second run with my first and hopefully not the last running partner, we are both around a 12-13 mile pace, when we were starting into a huge hill climb. She took on the hill with vigor, while myself, chose to follow the Penguin's motto of "No need for Speed". She quickly outpaced me on the uphill segment and then started offering me quibbs of encouragement. Somewhere in all of the positive comments she threw in a small bit about "Come on, get those legs moving, or you are going to be starting at my arse for the remainder of the hill, and might I just add that it sooo resembles the rear end of a horse." And that is when I lost it... I stopped focusing on the trail footing below me, laughing so hard that tears were bluring my eyes and I tripped on a tree root. Above me on the hill drifted down her very infectious giggles, and all I could do there is laugh... I have never had a more memorable moment..

  13. tonjatoi@hotmail.comJanuary 18, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    OMG - reliving this will be worth it if I win... Just a few weeks ago I was running near home. We live out in the county and there are no sidewalks and a very narrow median so I am running on a rough trail on the side of the road. I noticed one of my shoes had come untied but I was only about 100 yards from home and didn't want to stop at that point. Where I am running there is a major road to my right, and my house to the left. At the point where the asphalt begins there is a difference of about 3 to 4 inches. Right when I hit the asphalt I trip on my laces and fell into the dry grass and rocks on the side of the road. It was not graceful at all. I tried to brace with my hands and totally just wiped out. I jumped up as fast I could hoping no one saw me but cars were slowing. It was awful. I was so embarrassed. I hobbled home and into the house and my 3-year-old son says "Mommy, why do you have grass in your hair?"

  14. Never ran a race before.

    Had a grande americano before the run.

    TOTALLY peed 500 metres from the finish line.

    AND there was a comedian there making fun of everyone as they came in.