Sunday, January 11, 2009


The only way that I was going to complete this run, I decided, was if I had no other option but to complete this run. I was stuck on this plateau (even on my weekend "long") of not being able to run any farther than 3.5 miles. I knew that just wasn't going to cut it.

So, last night, in the midst of 2 Stella's, a house salad (with Ranch dressing, of course), and some french onion soup at The Greene Turtle with My Gazelle, I had the brilliant idea that he would drop me off somewhere far from home, leaving me no other option BUT to run home.

In the 30 degree weather.

Snotting all over my Under Armour gloves and the Nike cold gear that My Sista gave me for Christmas.

The plan was that My Gazelle would drive me to the lake (a neighborhood running/walking spot with a paved path around the lake). He would basically leave me there, stranded, in the wilderness, and I would have to fend for myself. How COULD he?!

I would then loop the lake twice (1 mile once around), and run home (another 2 miles), for a total of about 4 miles.

That was the plan, but it actually went down like this...

32 steps into the first loop, I had to pee.

First loop, backside of the lake, I paused my Nike + so I could stop at the bathroom.

The door was locked.

I cried.

My tears froze on my cheeks and then my cheeks cracked and I fell violently to the ground convulsing from the cold and the pain.

Ok. Not really.

I decided to suck it up and just try to forget about the fact that I had to pee. Not sure how I managed to do that, but it worked. I guess I was more concentrated on running than peeing.

About 3/4 through my 2nd loop, I decided to do a THIRD loop because I was feeling totally girl power by that point. I just kept telling myself that if running was easy, then everyone would be doing it. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

So, I did my 3rd loop and then ran home. At that point, I was just thinking about making it to the "landmarks" along the way.

Ok...Self...RUN to the stoplight by the mall.

Self...just RUN to Petco...

Self...just RUN REALLY FAST past that super creepola homeless guy that is shuffling across the street towards you, wearing a DHL envelope on his head!

See, there are advantages to living and running in the city. Creepy people make me run fast.

The final stretch home was difficult (hence the huge "crash and burn" slope you saw earlier on my workout chart). I never realized that the street that I live on is almost completely an uphill slope (from the direction I was running). Although not a huge grade, it was enough to be a struggle for me after already doing 4 miles. The last stretch did include a few walk/run stints, but I made it. Good lordy bigordy, I made it.

I did not curl up in a ball and cry on the side of Route 1. My Gazelle did not have to send out a search party for me.

And I basically feel like Wonder Woman.



  1. Awesome! Great for you. What a wonderful feeling. ;) Good job.

  2. Hey Wonder Woman! Wahooo! You did it!

    So I have some info for you. I went to a runner's clinic on Thurs. and despite the earthquake sending me into panic mode, I did pick up a few things.

    One of the coaches talking said he has been running for like 40 years and he hates it. Hates it. Says he has always had to trick himself just to get started and then plays other tricks along the way to keep going. For instance he tells himself he is going on a walk, NOT a run. He gets ready like he is walking. Somewhere along the way he picks up the pace a little and he is eventually running. Looks like most of us have to play mind games to get and keep going, doesn't it?

    He also said something that I like a lot. For your long runs, listen to your body, listen, listen, listen! If you are tired you are doing something wrong and mostly that is probably too much too fast.

    He said time is more important than distance. If your goal is a half and you want to run it in 2:30 then start by hiking for 2:30 once a week (long days). Just get your body used to being out there and 'on' for that long. Slowly add in the running in pieces. I LOVE that. I have always done the opposite. Push myself to run the miles and crap out.

    So with this new outlook I went for a 2 hour hike yesterday. I felt so motivated and not like I had wasted time at all. LOVE it!

    Also, they said 30 mins 4 x a week will maintain your fitness for a long time. I can totally do that!! Yipee I can do that. I can tell myself to do that EASY. I think.

  3. Nice run! congratulations! Whoo hoo! Big smile and virtual high five. Yeah!


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