Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who, Me...Orthotics? No Way.

So, at some point in my life (err...probably right now), I will have to come to terms with the fact that this


is not the same thing as this


I saw Liz this afternoon. We did some stuff. Then we did some more stuff. Then she yanked my foot around a little bit. Then she did some more stuff.

Then she told me that I need orthotics.



Conjuring up weird visions of nerdy kids with retainers and glasses? Old ladies hobbling across the street with canes? Pee-Wee Herman? too.

I'm not entirely comfortable with this concept. However, my desire need to jog is outweighing my irrational fear of orthotics. That desire need is even outweighing the $200 price tag for the orthotics.

I'm simultaneously mortified and happy. Mortified at the idea of needing orthotics, and happy with the idea of getting orthotics. Because they'll feel good. Because they'll help me run better. She asked me if I needed to think about it. I'm not that kind of girl. I act on a moments notice. I'm spontaneous. I'm spunky. I'm impulsive. I go back at 4:30 today to do a cast of my feet.

At this juncture, I really can't decide if I'm more irritated about needing orthotics, or that I didn't bring my camera to work, so now I can't blog this experience!



  1. I hear ya. I too, need orthotics. My Doc told me to buy some "generic but good ones" from a local running store and try them out. If they help or even if they don't see if I could live with them (could not live without them?), he said he'd leave it up to me to decide if I'd fork out a few hundred bucks to Kaiser for authentic orthotics made from a mold of my foot.

    I scheduled a foot mold appointment (that sounded gross, but I think you know what I meant), but chickened out at the last minute and canceled.

    My feet hate the orthotics.

  2. I actually tried a pair of $40 orthotics that My Gazelle bought for me when he took me to Fleet Feet. I've been wearing them in my Nike cross trainers that I wear almost every single day of my life, and I actually think that they jacked my feet up more than they already were. They make the muscle on the outside of my foot sore, which is a really quirky feeling.

    I opted for the $200 orthotics because I figure that my PT has to know a little more than I do about what's best for my feet. My arches are wicked high, so it makes me naturally run on the outside of my foot. Hopefully they'll help.

    The foot mold experience is sort of relaxing, actually. It feels like you're having your feet paraffin waxed.


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