Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Buttered Noodles

I blame it on my mother.

Everyday (well, maybe not everyday, but that is the way that I want to remember it, so that is how it shall be remembered), when I arrived home at 12PM from kindergarten, I would come inside to find a piping hot bowl of buttered noodles on the table waiting for me.

That means that my mom loved me.


I kid, I kid.

She made me buttered elbow noodles, buttered egg noodles, buttered spaghetti, and buttered shells. Never buttered rotini. I think rotini was too "new fangled" for her upstate NY country lifestyle. But always buttered elbows, spaghetti or shells. They were safe.

Guess what? To date, I really can't find another food that rivals buttered noodles in the realm of deliciousness. Buttered noodles are basically the queen of my Food Favorites Kingdom.


If I had a ring, I'd probably ask buttered noodles to marry me.

Why do I feel it necessary to share this? Because I'm eating buttered noodles for dinner, and I think you should too.


  1. That's funny--I LOVE buttered noodles too. Most people I run into think that's weird :) I've been enjoying your blog. Thanks for adding me to your blogs you read list!

  2. Oh I'm so glad that someone else loves buttered noodles as much as I do. And I can identify with the fact that people think love for buttered noodles is strange.

    I'm glad you're enjoying my randomness. My life often makes me laugh...I figured someone else might laugh too. =)

  3. HAH! This cracked me up - an ode to buttered noodles. I TOO love buttered noodles... and now, I am hungry.

  4. SJ...if you liked my Ode To Buttered Noodles (lol...never thought of it as that), you should read this one (if you haven't already).


    The story isn't very funny in hindsight (err...oops, I'll get 'em next time), but it has a great ending, trust me.

  5. I love buttered noodles too, but I have to add pepper, garlic and Parmesan cheese to them. It is always the perfect go to food.

  6. Mmmmm...I like them like that too!


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