Monday, December 1, 2008

Speaking of wii Fit

My boyfriend, The Gazelle, is basically the best boyfriend in the world. He bought me the wii Fit for Christmas but gave it to me like...oh...4 weeks early. That's fine by me though. That usually means I'll get more gifts because he'll feel bad that he doesn't have anything to give me on Christmas. Did I mention that he also bought me a new iPod 8G for Christmas and gave it to me last week? YAY! I love my life.

So anyway...

I love my wii Fit, but didn't they make any GAMES to go with it?? I'm confused. I have the standard included CD, but a girl can only Hula Hoop and Super Hula Hoop so many times before it becomes a little boring, ya know?




  1. HA!! Sorry, don't know anything about the Wii. You're on your own. You're talking to a guy who just hooked up his Super Nintendo for the first time in 10 years. Seriously. I played Madden 94 for 2 hours on Friday!!


  2. Uh 'scuse me...Madden 94?! lol. That's pretty bad. Ok. I'll keep searching


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