Monday, December 1, 2008

The Skirt Love Continues

I can't help it. I love Skirtsports. I might need a support group. They're having a 60% off blowout-style sale, and I couldn't resist. I had to buy more skirts! I also picked up a pair of Shorties...

And the most adorable tank ever...

My sister is even reaping the rewards of my Skirtsport love because I picked her up a new skirt and t-shirt.

Seriously...I am like the best sister ever.

And I also picked up a $25 gift certificate. I'll use it as a giveaway for my blog readers. If I ever get any blog readers, that is.


  1. im newbie and i dont need ur gift card, but i will check out the site for sure! but there are readers, just so ya know!

  2. Yee-haw! Hope I didn't just ruin my Xmas surprise! Oh well. I hate surprises!

  3. Dude! I was your first ever blog follower, that should count for something jk :)

  4. You are SOOO right about that! And now I have THREE. lol. But you were still first. =)


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